Who IS Alison?

I want to level with you…

….I am presently having a difficult time grounding inside any falsities of a Persona/Ego or even any “True Self” as I will always aspire to be my most authentic Heart Truth in each and every moment of my Sacred Earth Walk.

If it benefits you to know some of my Past Identities or “Qualifications” I would be happy to let you know that I have evolved from an educational system background in Fisheries & Wildlife Biology specializing in Environmental Science. I grew up with a Multidimensional Mother and that in and of itself is an entire book; as the Truths just keep revealing with her level of Multidimensional Awareness and you’d NEVER know it; she is the most logical and knowledgeable Human I know. In hindsight, it is easy to SEE why things played out as they did and it is with much love and gratitude that I share that as a result of my Mother’s teaching of her Heart Truths, many of the “labels” or words and concepts I use are because of things SHE HAS TAUGHT ME since she was already Consciously living Grounded on Earth at these higher dimensional levels of awareness without anyone really knowing. She is one Wise Goddess Crone!!!

Due to that Inner Heart Love of both our Natural World and what my family mainly referred to as “Dumbledore Stuff” it was only natural that I would find my Self choosing to walk the Shamanic Path of a Druid for most of my life experience. Now, I have very mixed feelings surrounding the term “Shaman” and I feel that it is both misused and misunderstood. Most Native American Indigenous Clans did not call their Medicine Men and Women “Shamans” as one illustration. Also people partake in Neo Shamanism and Shamanic Practices (which I do) but they are far from embodying that Path in Truth. I feel that instead of paraphrasing an Indigenous Person’s words I will add this quote by Jamie Sams when referring to her learnings from the Mexican Indigenous Teachings from her Mentor; from the book “Dancing the Dream” I have a lot of respect for her Sovereign Heart Path and all she has given to us Privileged Sacred Human Vessels.

Many people in today’s society are calling themselves Shaman without any knowledge of exactly what this means. If the would-be shaman does not have the ability to look at his or her own shadow side, this person is not meant to follow the Path of the Shaman. This person would never be able to confront or handle the results and/or intentions of black shamanism. […] True Medicine People do not have to announce or brag that they are Shamans or Medicine People at all. They work quietly with humility because they know their worth in the eyes of Great Mystery. The opinions of others do not change the sense of Self held by a True Healer or Shaman. A Shaman has walked up to the gates of his or her personal hell and then walked in. The quality that always shines in a True Shaman is compassion for the paths that others must walk. This comes from the fact that the Shaman has also walked through the Underworld of the shadow and knows firsthand the pain involved in breaking the stranglehold of inner darkness.” – Jamie Sam’s – Hancoka Olowampi (Midnight Song)

So I feel like the Shaman is something I will always be engaging with and integrating to deeper Heart Truths on my own Sacred Quest because it is a Path I am Choosing to walk Consciously. I feel deep humility and gratitude for even being on it after I got lost within a Dream and all the times my own Inner Magician led me astray in the opposing Force of my own Heart Truths…but that is also a gift that I now consider a Mental Power; the Sacred Viewpoint of the Polarities. I’m getting emotional as I type this out because I can honestly tell you, I’m so proud of my Self because I keep going and I will always keep going because the Sacred Path is straight; like an Arrow of Truth. Your Heart Truth is your protection! It keeps you on path with the Inner Drum beat of your own Heart…

….there is no other Gift one could give themselves and others than that! The Gift of BEing, just existing as you are, in each moment. So yes I do hold Shamanic experience and wisdom, I just won’t ever identify as a Shaman. I did before because I misunderstood what my Indigenous Elder Guide was asking me. It took many Dream Journey’s and many hard life lessons, not to mention some intense Ego Deaths before I would fully come to understand the metaphorical Wisdom he had been attempting to reveal to me for quite some time. I am here to EMBODY THE SHAMANIC PATH OF HEART AS A FAE SOUL.

In the past I went the opposite direction without realizing it, I became a megalomaniac lunatic, intoxicated on my own illusions and so I also really enjoy experiencing the Inner Magician; as it was my Darkest Shadow. I am exceptional at putting on a show and my Inner Performer is inspired by my Shapeshifter Essence so I’ve been alchemizing the Shaman with the Magician in direct alignment with Healing the Faery Accord; which is broken agreement between Humans and Faeries working together in partnership.

That is my current Heart Path of focus and to support the Human side of this Path; I am dedicating some of my energy in alliance with Taressa Edge from Warrior Goddess Witchcraft. We have created a Sacred space for those identifying with Mental Illness to be held in a deep, loving exploration of how these Storylines can be transmuted into Powers! The monthly Witches Circle can be found here.

So, I suppose I presently identify as a Fae Soul; which is a Faerie Creature Embodied in a Sacred Human Vessel here to ground into the Earth in their deepest Heart Truth. I feel strong in devoting my Self to the Earth and surrendering my Gifts to best align with my service to the Earth in alignment with the Indigenous Lands I currently Quest upon (Haudenosaunee & Anishnaabeg) and the Healing of the Faery Accord. This involves me deeply devoting my Self to continuing to walk the Shamanic Path of Heart so that I can be who I truly Know I am inside while maintaining my commitment to removing the “White Church Mask” off of everything I Ground into the 3rd Dimension.

If you’d like Muggle terms for me here are some credentials; I am a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Executive Business Leadership Coach and I have been studying Jungian Psychology, Joseph Campbells’ works on the Hero’s Journey and I am deeply connected to my own unique stream of Tree Medicine and Magick. So though I do have some of the fancier “certifications” and I continue to immerse myself in Core Mythological and Esoteric Studies, the Trees & Plants are my biggest Guides and Elders on my personal path. I study what pertains to what is being requested of the Bigger Universal Family and don’t find the need to highlight my skills and capabilities; as whatever is being called forth from Great Spirit is what will happen when it’s needed, in Divine Alignment and Time.

Overall, I am a Dreamer & Visionary who believes that if more of us took to the Sacred Inner Quest to reveal the Truth of their Heart we would all be WALKING OUR DREAMS instead of packaging them to sell to others. I will always remain rooted in my surrender to The Enchanted Earth and what it needs from me to become Reality. Right now that’s helping Witches with their Mental Powers and Fae Souls embody their Heart Truths through Dreamfasting Circles, while remaining receptive to the Indigenous Lands and whatever they need from me to ensure our Earth is Healing so we can all live and embody The New Earth Heaven Walk this life experience.

I am simply a Divine Earthly Creature and I intend to remain that as I Shapeshift through Life Experienced bringing Light to the Shadows as I honour that Earth is my Home & my body is the Sacred Vessel. Jung’s entire Individuation Process was in my past “True Self” Shadow and so I can honestly tell you that I’m honoured to truly know my Self the way I do now.

Until next time,