The Raven Haven

Raven is the name I choose to fly with, as it has unfolded the very pages of my truest Self to me in it’s magick and enchanted medicine. On my own Sacred Quest the Raven as a Power Animal Ally was gifted to me by my late father in one of my deep Shamanic Dream Journeys and has been with me ever since…

…The Raven also represented a “darker” side of me that I was suppressing and therefore expressing unconsciously in unhealthy ways in the past. This is why I wanted to create an Artistic Uncensored Space for others who may also feel that Inner Raven Trickster too but not know what to do with it or how to channel it’s potent, often “darker” magick.

So I created “The Raven Haven” which is hosted on Only Fans for a small monthly subscription exchange. Within that monetary exchange includes access to this other side of my truer Self; The Creative Wild Woman; The Shapeshifter. I share my Embodied Soul Dances, Playful Photos of my Witch Craft Characters and deeper dives into my Shapeshifting Soul Alchemic Processes.

Due to the nature of the platform I am consciously observing the sexualization of Self vs empowered mystical sovereignty. Faeries are real to me and aren’t “Stage Magic” but Re-enactment and our erotic fantasies are HEALING tools for our “Fairytale Wounds” most of which are subconscious and rooted in our childhood traumas. So another reason I’m enjoying this uncensored platform is so that I can curate a Safe Haven for others to discuss their fantasies and learn how to safely explore them to embody a truer, more magical Self!

Some of the things you may find there are as follows:

πŸ’« Embodied Soul Alchemy Dance
πŸ¦‡ Witch Crafting Characters
🌷 Enchantment & Magick
🎭 Playfully Erotic Photos & Discussions
πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Fae Soul Artistic Expression
πŸ§œπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ Safe Space for ALL Earthlings

Becoming one of my Creative Supporters by joining the The Raven Haven helps me SOOOOOOO MUCH, not only financially, but also when you share your interpretations on what I’m prompting you to explore within your own Self! This information is new and not many others combine psychodrama, shamanism, embodied movement, fairytale fantasies, pole/sex magick and character crafting like I do!

So come join! Don’t be intimidated by the platform, the best way to change things is by doing action that inspires that! So never be afraid to infiltrate into the “darker” corners of the Earth or Social Web…. who knows maybe your Light is exactly what is needed in order for others to be inspired for follow suit and/or make change themselves. I look at my Creative Supporters like Fellow Ravens helping each other grow into a Sacred Grove of Trees.

Due to some of my Fae Soul integration methods there is occasionally nudity, but only if the magick process calls for it. An example would be when I alchemized Lilith & Eve in an embodied journey it was all nude. I want everyone to feel SAFE and held in their Heart Truths to express how they feel. I truly do appreciate your honouring the value and worth of this side of me and what it brings forth in your own Raven Soul.

Thank you my Ravens & Creative Supporters!!!

~ Raven

~ please be aware there IS some nude content and some of my posts could be uncomfortable for some audiences, though it's not sex based: 18+ only please ~