Dear Raven, I listened to the podcast on working with the Fire Element – the whole podcast you did, from your Ring of Fire meditation through the sharing your healing practices with Fire. I do similar work with a Ring of Fire in conjuring up Ancestral and Archetypal figures, and in healing trauma. I call the practice “psychoshamanism” because it has a psychomagick ritualistic way of working with deeper layers of the psyche, speaking to it in its own imagistic language. Anyway, listening to the podcast deepened my appreciation for the depth of the inner work you are doing and your methods. I have spent more than 40 years helping clients with such methods. I am impressed at your younger age, but delighted to SEE a tiny bit of what you have been up to. Nice work! I can honestly say that to very few people”

– Dr. Michael C. Smith PhD. Psychology
Author of Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue
Owner of Crow Nest Shamanism