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I consider what we ALL have when we choose to embody our Heart Open Quest is Sacred Viewpoints. Regardless of our chosen Earth Walk, we all have one unique viewpoint to which we perceive and experience life as an embodiment of a Human.

I hold a wide variety of Sacred Viewpoints in my Questers Tool Belt because of the Pathway I have walked. This isn’t education in the formal sense per-say (though I do have an extensive list of credentials), but more so Golden Wisdom spun from the Conscious Untangling of my own Self. So I don’t attempt to heal you, fix you or advise you, but rather authentically REFLECT your Heart Truths back to you?

So which Sacred Viewpoints do I hold that you may be interested in?

  • Shamanism/Animism: I have been walking what I was taught was called “The Shamanic Path”; which to me is the path of Nature’s. Many individuals use the term “Shaman” without really knowing much about it. The main difference (for me) between a Shaman and a Light Worker is that those truly walking a Shamanic Path will embrace & integrate the Shadows equal to the Light. “A Shaman has walked up to the gates of their personal hell and walked in.” – Jamie Sams Shaman’s Death. This allows me to reflect Black Magick in play, Soul Fragmentation, Past Lives, or Archetypal Possession among other truths that one might find themselves in.
  • Madness, Mental, Lunacy: Essentially any common Mental Health Storylines with a specialized Viewpoint of Bipolar, of which I have personally Dispelled within my own Auric Field Coding. So if you are finding yourself trapped within your own labelling or tired of being on medications that continue to keep you out of alignment from your Sacred “Crazy” truths, I can definitely provide some different ways of SEEing your Self in a safe, unconditionally loving, neutral, non-judgemental reflection.
  • Hero’s Journey or Inner Villain’s Quest: I am WELL experienced in the full unravelling of my own fragmented Self using Jung’s Individuation Process; not from a psychoanalyst Sacred Viewpoint, but from my own Individuation of Self and beyond! This is because Individuation is a process in our subconscious that happens whether one is aware of it or not. I have WALKED through the full re-enactments of my own Archetypal Structures as well as through my own Inner findings surrounding a Quest that is seldom discussed, but EXTREMELY important for any Quester to know; that of the Inner Villain. This isn’t Jung’s Shadow, it’s deeper and IMO is the CORE wounding of our Planet & ability to ground here in our Humanity.
  • ROMANTIC ATTACHMENT & Fantasy Narratives: if you want to know what the FUCK is going on inside you and why you’re not finding a satisfying Divine Counterpart and/or you feel like you’re drowning in the “Twin Flame” Collective Narrative my Sacred Viewpoint will LEGIT BLOW YOUR MIND OPEN to love within you never dreamed you could feel within your own Self. I was walking the Twin Flame journey and completed it entirely alone and actually transcended it. Though there are many walking this pathway and it is technically valid, from my own Golden Wisdom there are better, more satisfying Love Stories available to you on your Open Heart Quest.
  • Fae Soul Trauma & Multidimensional Integration: Let’s get honest, being a Human SUCKS, being at home inside the body on our current Earth can be extremely traumatizing. However, when we begin to zoom out and truly examine why we might feel the ways we do, that is where magic can literally take form INSIDE you! I offer a Sacred Viewpoint of this is a multitude of ways however it should be noted that this is the Core Essence of my own Sacred Quest, so it is an ever-changing Sacred Viewpoint and this would be for individuals that truly FEEL these Fae Soul Frequencies within but need help grounding them into the Physical Realm as a fully functioning Multidimensional Being.


If you’d like to book time to reflect with me through a Zoom Call please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I receive a flat rate of $77/hr for all Sacred Viewpoint Reflecting and 1:1’s.

Our first call is at Heart Exchange Vibration to investigate how we both feel and ensure it’s in Heart Alignment, if you are not in alignment with my own Heart Path I will be honoured to refer you to another Ally in my Sacred Circle.

I am operating out of the HEART CHAKRA so I am always open to receive in other ways if monetary exchange doesn’t align. If you are lower income or part of the BIPOC community please indicate that in the form as I have an adjustable rate available.

I look forward to reflecting with you,


Thank you so much for existing and being brave and courageous enough to Embrace your own Heart Open Quest…. it is the most rewarding Sacred Journey one could ever choose on their individual Earth Walk in the New Earth’s Collective Weavings.