Enchanted Offerings

Current Workshops & Online Offerings:

In Divine Alignment with Enchanted Realm Reactivations & Vibrational Alchemy I will be co-facilitating Deep Sound Immersive Bear Dream Journey’s. These are done in alignment with the natural hibernation patterns of our Bear Animal Allies Dec-March and in partnership with the Faeries; who wish for us to birth forth this Sacred Medicine.

Click the link below for more information & to secure your co-weaver spot!

[8 spots remaining. Event Starts Dec 5th!]

Sacred Grove Consecration:

Trees are Sentient Elders to me and my Celtic Druid background honours both the Elven Enchantments present within these majestic creatures and the power of a Sacred Tree Grove. Groves of Trees were thought to be sacred gathering sites that brought the energies of the Enchanted Forest beings and force together. Many Ceremonies and Ritual rites of passage would be held in Groves of Spruce or Pine and in Elven Fae Magick the consecration of a Tree Planting would be very important for both the health of the forest and that of the Faery. I currently offer Ceremonial Grove Consecrations which honour both the Indigenous Lands of the Earth the Tree Planting is taking place on but also that of the Faerie and Elven races that enchant the natural areas we live in. Traditionally in my Celtic Druid lineage I open a Faerie Circle and invoke the 7 Sacred Directions in alignment with the Faery Accord but my services can be specially crafted to your event.

In a world that is disconnected from Nature at a deep animistic level of awareness adding a Sacred Consecration to ones Tree Planting ritual can be profoundly impactful. Prices are subject to each specific event and I also partner with Vibration Alchemy to add Sound Healing for additional exchange. Please contact me if you would like to take advantage of this beautiful way to give homage to our Tree Elders.

Get Your Elf OFF the Shelf!!

~ An Embodied Enchanted Fitness Workshop ~ 

Fridays through Zoom @ 1pm EST ~ 4 weeks starts Dec 3rd ends Dec 24th 

Exchange is $44 for all 4 classes which will run approx. 1hr in length and be available to everyone that signs up to repeat if they desire! *playback will be available for those that can’t attend the classes live* 

Workshop Class Structure: 60 mins each week 

*Class Begins promptly at 1pm EST – please be mindful not to be late! This is Christmas and Elves are always prompt and ready to work! 

  • 1pm – 1:10pm – Opening Elven Yuletide Meditation with Raven to centre us in the true Elvish Magic of the Season. 
  • 1:10pm – 1:20pm – Soft Yin Yoga warm-up to get our bodies ready to move our magic with Tasha. 
  • 1:20pm – 1:30pm – Festive Imaginative Flow to engage our Inner Divine Child with a different kind of Enchantment and explorative movement in a different way with Raven. 
  • 1:30pm – 1:45pm – Get Your Elf OFF the Shelf Workout with Tasha, that will be primarily Yoga and Pilates based. Tasha as a certified instructor will lead and Raven will support with modifications for two levels of participation. 
  • 1:45pm – 1:55pm – Christmas Wrap Up! With a soft movement flow to calm our bodies back into our daily routine with Tasha. 
  • 1:55pm – 2:00pm – Raven will close our Sacred Circle in a Winter Solstice ritualistic mediation.