Ah, inside.

Even now as I choose the experience of typing this out I am so far from inside; I’m writing to an imaginary audience found outside of myself.

Who is this Self they speak of? I was beginning to wonder whether Carl Jung even knew…but his story and mine aligned. So it was a stream of consciousness that was helping me, even though it also deeply triggered me, so to wade into his version of The Self terrified me…

…but I did like his inward methods and I do prefer to live life as a Medicine Woman. Yes, a Medicine Woman; embodied in her own Goddess streams of infinite light and love embodied Divine Feminine. Sigh, that’s what going inward always awarded me: more of me.

Understanding you could never label the “me” or the “self” is an interesting Sacred Viewpoint.. sigh, it left nothing to the imagination really.. life was mostly rooted into the moment, the now, the sacred time and space that you simply existed..

….but that didn’t completely sit right with me in the heart. So I went back to the root of Medicine Woman and I went deeper. All weekend I connected back into my own Sacred Earth Walk as I devoted Ceremonial Space to my Ancestors, my Power Allies & Guides and The Great Mystery itself. Sigh, I love Shamanism. I instantly feel at home when I reread old Indigenous teachings from the Seneca, Lakota, Cherokee and other Tribes. I feel HONOURED to be able to be privy to it and wish more were open to discussing these topics and how we white privilege folk can do better to hold these medicines, traditions and teaching in the right vibration for the Earths Children.

I have so many shares I want to discuss but I don’t even know how as a white skin. I have journeyed and asked Great Spirit to show me the Shaman’s Way. I have asked for my next Teacher Guide in the physical realm to appear. I feel that the more I open up to my Celtic and Scottish lineages as well as the Galactic Coding the Tree Elders have helped me with the more I find myself needing to root down into the actual owners and stewards of this land. I see no other traditions other than the Indigenous ways of the world, who SEE man’s place in the Web of All Life. This is where I must root into. This is where the other Magicks must birth from; the Holy, the Sacred, the Great Mystery of all of life.

Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon have been helping me better anchor in my truth of Heart. I also learned that my capitalization of words and phrases is actually a Native American practice for honouring terms that deserve capitalization; like a Tree, in my values and truths. This was so interesting to discover, seeing as I was always scorned by other writers for my slang style and improper punctuation…

…like the three dots I always use to continue sentences into the “run on” ones they really are. However, my capitalization of terms was to honour the importance of them and better articulate my truths. I have since observed other Instagramers following my lead in that regards but I’m often curious if they’re in the same depth of understanding as to my “why” behind it.

Sigh, my Fae Soul Frequencies in my blueprinted Soul coding definitely resonate with me but every single time I truly go IN…. I only ever find a Medicine Woman. I cried over the weekend, when I first stated aloud “I’m a Medicine Woman” ….tears. So I repeated it louder; “I AM A MEDICINE WOMAN!” …more tears. These tears weren’t from a negative place but a truth so deep inside myself that just couldn’t be denied anymore. Especially internally, so I spent my entire weekend journeying deeper into the Ancient Medicines available to me through Vision Quests with my Sacred Elder Guides. I was reading that in the Seneca Tradition; one never refers to themselves as “Medicine Man or Woman” only others can gift that title to another. The Indigenous teachings overall speak mainly of lessons guiding one to the true Self, but stress leaving the self-importance behind. I wasn’t labelling myself as “Medicine Woman” to flash self importance here; I was labeling myself this as an affirmation of Remembering my truer Self. So I stress that I’m only articulating it here because I felt it had relevance to my own Faerytale Storyline.

Sigh, I just didn’t see where everything I had previously been building fit into these lineages and they (my Guides) weren’t really showing me. The animals seemed to be significantly important: for all of my life if there was one Realm I could instantly traverse and safely lead others to and from it was that of the Underworld: where one finds Power Animals.

Power Animals to me are streams of that animals medicine available to us if one chooses to align with us on our Sacred Quest. They’re different than Spirit Animals or Totems in that they contain the ENTIRE stream of wisdom from all the animals in that form. As an example, White Wolf has been working with me and in fact, it has been so intrinsic on my own sacred path lately that my Indigenous Chief Guide even showed me how to shapeshift my spirit form into it. This doesn’t always happen with ones Power Animals… it takes a lot of time to gain access to them in form (or so I’ve experienced) to embody things on a whim usually indicates the stream of energy might not be as sacredly “pure” as one intended. Trust must be shown in the Dream Weave and Journey Spaces before an animal opens itself like that.

Anyway perhaps it was the teachings of the Sacred Animals and the depths of connection the Indigenous Leaders had that connected my Enchantments deeper into the Earths flow. Wolf Spirit in Essence was known as a connector to The Enchanted Forests and though I’d never viewed Wolf like that it was this animal that was helping walk me through multiple layers of my own unique Gifts of Service this Earth Walk.

I think I’ll stop writing for now but I ask you…

…how do you ensure our Indigenous Lineages remain in the conscious minds and hearts of today’s Children of the Earth? To leave these in the subconscious shadows seems to be like leaving the final piece of a Masterpiece puzzle behind. I can’t imagine teaching about Elven Drwydism and Fae Magicks without having my own blood, bones and heart beat rooted into these truths.

Sigh, I’m really opening up to a new way of BEing and I’m continuing to go inside… for it is always inside us that we find the answers we’ve been seeking anywhere else.

Truth be told. I can’t imagine being with anyone that didn’t share this healing process. If one can’t go inward…how well can they really know themselves?

Thank you for existing,

Alison xoxo

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