Turning the Page….

So many stories, songs and fables speak of this part in the tale, the gnosis. They speak of it like it’s some task at hand when you’ve left that bookmark sitting there…but it wasn’t like that for me.

I had a rollercoaster of a time this summer and fall navigating the waves of my own enchantments. Tackling my entangled dreaming lens one weave at a time….working backwards, acting everything out of my body, heart and spirit. Now I was on the other side, that place that’s neither tangible or invisible; the peak point you’re about the step down off, even jump maybe!

I still didn’t quite understand why my sacred pathway always led my heart to the Quest, but it did every time. It wasn’t the Trees, though they are still my trusted allies on this mission, it was always The Storyline. However, I am firmly aware that my destiny involved experiencing the “Fairytale” of Nature’s Divine Union. It just felt right to me, I wanted to be a different kind of example. I wanted to have a magical fairytale life where love felt like that of the Forest.

So this was actually more than turning some page!

This was the part on the story where the main character realizes that they must get back on the horse so-to-speak and ride that wake of experience. I was honoured to be welcomed back into the Enchanted Forest. I was still broken, I was continuously facing and integrating my shadow, but I was finally home in myself and for whatever reason, that just felt powerful….

…..So I picked up my pen and I began writing The Story Series again, albeit, much more consciously aware of just how magickal ones words actually are. In efforts to rid myself of the Disney/Hollywood entanglement of broken hearts, unrequited love, family karmic narratives and deep ancestral lies and dream traps…. I was finally out of it.

I had spent the past few months embodying any characters, archetypes or collective fantasy narratives that I found my subconscious attached to. The veils of the realms were very lucid and mixed in my reality now and so it took a lot for me to accept, that in order to break free of what I had woven for myself, I would be forced to actively observe my own channelled wounding and that of any collective spells I had consumed by my own desire to serve others.


….Sin, it really got me….but that’s another tale for another day.

Looking back at myself I think my separated reflection of Unity Consciousness is absolutely beautiful, stunning even. I’m proud of myself for everything that I experienced and fought through. I have always found that fully embodying things to move through them is easier for me to both act out and play out specific scenarios to heal them, as opposed to exploring that with another human or attaching to the story. I believe we are all one and that this is all a dream anyways….

…..everything one imagines is Real.

Reality isn’t the version someone sells you. It’s actually something fully your own. In fact, no other person on this planet right now is perceiving “reality” in the same way that you are right now. This is where things get interesting for a Quester like myself…because if you’re the only one perceiving your reality, then you are the complete captain of your own ship….

…..this was one heck of a life! We truly are so powerful, but to wield the truest power of self governance, while respecting the sovereignty of others, while being aware that you are actively participating in weaving the very Collective Dream is sooooo magically humbling. You are a special, unique piece to a large ascension puzzle, as we strive towards acceptance of self, to better be able to share unconditional love with others.

I never truly understood that we were this connected until I “saw” it. I put saw in quotations because truthfully, I will ONLY ever have that one sacred viewpoint to look from. Sure I can soar up to the cosmos and be infinite and feel and experience that through meditation, journeying or breath, movement exercises…. but the truth is this:


It’s kinda like Cerebro in Xmen! lol

It’s tough to observe yourself while simultaneously taking action. So it’s easier for me to put my deep faith and trust in the journey and use my focused action on Self. To reference back to the one mind, cerebro reference, I believe a true Mystic is the conscious observer of themself. This allows much movement in our connections with other Dreams weaving the storyline. In order to become a better conscious dreamer I have found that one MUST face both their inner Villain and their inner Hero.

You can be, have or connect to ANY of the worlds collective imagination Archetypes or Mythological Narratives….. but in my CRASH course self awareness ascension to 6D Consciousness; Actively Dream Weaving….. it’s easiest to KNOW your own strengths and weakness if you place yourself inside your own Story.

This instantly does a few things:

  1. It allows The Performer in you to be seen.
  2. It allows The Villain to reveal your Hero’s purpose.
  3. It allows YOU to transcend your own Hero.

This was why everything happened. This was truly it. There’s a different renos

spent the summer battling their own shadows and media spell programs to free up Mythological and Folklore sentient beings so she can gift that to others. HA! I’ve been diving back into Nature, plant medicine, my own lineages and traditions and Ive found that this helps me anchor and root the other magical realms down into Earth and practicality. It’s been extremely difficult for me to balance the worlds but I have many helpers along the quest that is our lives.

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