The Villain Follows the Hero’s Lead…

Story Series Excerpts: Jan 2021

This is where I was currently at in my own Story, I killed my Hero….or more accurately, I absorbed her qualities that I valued and adored and I left the rest as the non serving portions they were. This is how I lived now: Pulling from my own Villain and my own Hero until they collided and I was faced with both of their Dark Sides….

….Now I was finally here: in a place I had told myself I’d be but didn’t quite understand it until now. I was in my Raven energy. I felt like a Goddess, as I was typing away on my laptop with a lit Yule Candle and the smell of fresh coffee coming in from my kitchen. I was ready to be me; The Self.

I would honestly state that in the past Story Series, though both Nature Girl and Raven do become one being, I always felt more resonance with the Raven inside me. Raven represented my femininity, both dark and light within my past writings. She was a beautiful, dedicated Tree Keeper of the Enchanted Forest who was called to tend to the Elder Trees in the Kingdom of Linenbrook, a place I had made up inside my story mind. She was decisive and knowledgable and known for her magical enchanting presence. I had made her a typical naive maiden, but also had scenes showcasing her genuine interest towards studying and connecting deeply with the Trees over interest in men of that of Prince Elyk; who was one of the main male protagonists. I felt that Raven’s character was powerful in the way that we would see her be able to navigate through her experiences remaining true to who she was and what her responsibilities called to her, all while being secretly a bit wild and adventurous with her aspirations to dance and be one with the Trees and Forest Spirits. Her Mother wounding was made obvious from the beginning with pressures to be with the Prince, while also entertaining a local Farmer on the edge of the woods. I really wanted to depict the Prince as a cross between Beast and Gaston. I wanted him to be likeable, but also showcase his old “king/queen” complexes so that to be with him would be taking Raven off her path, as he didn’t understand her connection to the The Forest nor did he honour it. However, his love, though romantic attached love, was still very enjoyable and pleasant.

Anyway I just wanted to talk Elyk up a bit because I did this intentionally; I wanted the audience to dislike Elyk for Raven, hence even the choice to toss the Farmer Gavin (later the Huntsman) into the storyline as well. Raven had options and she always chose herself and her responsibility to The Tree Elders, though she definitely had experiences and romantically attached love with both characters, she still deserved someone to meet her at Service.

She wanted that.

Anyway, this added to NajRolfs overall charm when he manages to convert Raven into his pawn, essentially wielding her magic as his own to destroy the very thing she loves most; The Enchanted Forest. The Story Series actually opened on this event; The Prologue was set so we, the audience, meet Raven, know of the three Tree Keepers, know that NajRolf may have returned to the forest to seek revenge, due to his past banishment from Earth in Sky Realm and we see Raven choose him and his Fantasy Love over everything….

…. potent.

I had already lived that storyline in an extra marital affair where I lost my soul.

Raven was the strongest character I’ve ever created and it’s because she got through the fantasy exaggeration of that. I knew what it took to get there and now I, as one so lucky to have embodied all these Nature’s Faetale scenes, knew how this manifested inside the forest.


Spirit and the Trees told me when I fell out of the Hemlock Tree in May….

….be ready to Play the Role of Raven come winter.

I never imagined that this is what that would look like. It looked like, just as Jung had eliminated his Hero, so too have I opted for my Integrated Villain to move into the Leading Lady part. That’s what the Raven Tree Keeper wanted in me anyway; she wanted to be devoted to the Trees and be the leading gracious Lady in her own storyline.

I was honoured to be able to both play this out and give that to myself as the writer of this story series.

I wasn’t Nature Girl, I was closer to Raven than anything else and I was finally home.

I was home in her,


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