The Nature Warrior.

PAST EXCERT – I believe it might have been July or August (I just wanted this part of me out there for you…but know that I’ve since integrated the “NajRolf” within 🙂

That’s how I had been largely identifying myself as over the last 14 months. The title “Nature Girl” was even longer.

I always liked holding the title Nature Girl for a couple of reasons:

  1. It instantly sparked a conversation about my passion and allowed me opportunity to share Nature’s Sentience without having to press my opinion.
  2. It reminded me that when I was in that character I was a GIRL, even though she hid behind a guarded masculinity. I was aware I NEVER aspired to become “Nature Woman” or “Nature Goddess” as an example. It was NG. That was that.
  3. Normie’s hated it. It was an instant energetic equalizer. Everyone always wanted to coach, groom and “Muggle” me. It allowed me to be much more aware when I was engaging in past narratives.


I’m not sure when, but at some point it became apparent that I didn’t know how to BE Nature Girl without creating a Storyline for her and as a result my youtube channel had two distinct “Characters” Alison Wright and Nature Girl. Others in my life came on the channel and I branded all guests “Nature Warriors” which then channelled different energies and opportunities to me and my channel. This created a battle inside me as all I wanted to do was continue to create myself as Nature Girl, not Alison. So I added that version of myself onto my channel and TRULY surrendered to the Tree connection I had through movement and channeling storylines and let go.

As stated, since there was now two versions of me operating out of one media this created an interesting opportunity for me to observe and become more aware of when I actually felt heart renosance with something or whether it was just something I was doing for other or the greater good. Examples of this would be the interview with Green Party’s Leader Mike Schriener. I was honoured to have that opportunity awarded to me. It took Alison Wright legit 30 mins in the morning to compile all the questions. I organized everything and even MC’d their panel discussion in under 48hrs of being offered the opportunity. What normie’s usually under estimated, or chose not to see, in me was this fact: I KNOW HOW TO BE THE CORPORATE CHARACTER. haha! This is something I know how to do and do well! Like so well! Off the cuff having to act professional, say what people want to hear, network, ask the right questions, be memorable and unforgettably unique are what I was BRED TO BE. I giggle as I write this because many assume I need refinement, etiquette or training to “know how to be professional” when in truth:

I see your character mask and I RAISE you Nature Girl

…better yet, I raise you Raven Tree Keeper of The Enchanted Forest, NajRolf Dark Lord of Stolen Magick, Karm the Leprechaun, Prince Elyk of Linenbrook, Animist Knight of Linenbrook, Enchaunti Tree Keeper of Earth and Sky, Mother Nature HERSELF, The White Womb Witch, Gavin the Huntsman, Jonesy the Normie Pimp, The Leprechauns, Woodland Fairies, Dark Sirens, Tree Boy, Artew, Arwyn, Roxie the Vixen Pixie, The Druid Wizard, The Warrior Angels, Monika The Great Tree Empress…..

I’m sure there are probably more. However, that Story is now the fires of hell that I am walking through….

Let’s talk characters. Jung believed that to know your darker shadow parts gifted one the ability to create a better character. Essentially, in hindsight, I see that I was getting lost in my characters (which turned out to be fragmented parts of self or narrative spells I was allowing into my reality) but yes, lost in my characters. Every single character was a part of me. NajRolf was probably the only exception. Because who NajRolf is will never be birthed through me. I am unweaving him out of the grid. He would’ve inspired another way of the same shit. I was sooooo deep into my characters that when I fell out of the Tree I wasn’t who I truly am, I was a version of Nature Girl that I had created for The Story Series. She was in a wounded femininity that appeared on the surface as a guarded, angry masculinity. I knew this about her, but I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t healing that in me by continuing to play it out. On the flip side Raven, was representative of my darker side from the past, both good and bad aspects as I had created her as a soft villain because I had already absorbed my old villian “ANG – Anti-Nature-Girl” into my main protagonist Nature Girl. I was satisfied with the level of healing that took place through their alchemy. As I separated myself consciously, I could look at it more clearly and really CHOOSE my dark and light for me.

Writing this out now is helping me see that I am doing the same thing with Raven and Nature Girl and even all the other characters in the Story Series and reviving as one new Mask to wear. It may turn out that who I prefer to be is the many masks or have more characters, and that’s ok with me. Which is why I prefer now to explore narratives within my dance. This embodiment allows me deeper integration of the actual feelings and grounding them in nature through the Trees helps me infuse my own shadows with uncondtional love from the Forest. Raven and Nature Girl have remained one of my greatest alchemy’s as in the Story, The reunite as Nature Girl begins her journey after coming from a similar situation that Raven begins the story in. Raven is manipulated due to her naive nature and leaves with NajRolf who uses her magic to fuel his own. Both characters have a slippery slope and they get darker and darker as they enter the Normie Realm and become more “human”. Nature Girl is trying to save Raven at the Trees request because they need the Sceptre back reunited with the other 2 Tree Keepers to forge the trinity of Nature’s Magick. So I had always known that the end of the first Fairytale where the audience would anticipate a romantic connection closing in a tradtional “Happily Ever After” I wanted that to be Raven returning in a place of collapse ready to apologize and prepare to battle NajRolfs army and Nature Girl coming to support her, as she has the sceptre. The transfomation was representative of ones Inner Adult and Inner Child coming together….almost like if Alice and the Queen of Hearts could’ve understood they were the same person lol 😉 but mirror differently.

Anyway…. there was so much unconditional love magic in this story. The coolest part about it, in retrospect is that the love was real. It was the most real thing about the story….because it was my inner ability to put myself inside romantic/non romantic attachment scenarios and dream myself through it. I have confessed my feelings for so many people that will never know at one point I thought I loved them. I have battled through boss villains, inner truths, character scenes that would leave you SPEECHLESS…. and I have LIVED that inside my mind. The truth is, that anything you can imagine is real. It’s your reality. So while most of the world chooses to play out their narratives with someone else, or multiple people, I played house alone.

Parts of me want to change my name now. However I feel like when Nature Girl and Raven Combine in a beautiful alchemy….

I feel like Raven.

I feel like her mostly. I feel like the Dark Femininity in me is my most beautiful self. I feel bold, confident and infused with the protection of my Nature Warrior self and when I embody Nature Girl I prefer to call her Nature Child. I remember that that is the child in me. I pull from my own new sacred masculinity (which I pulled from every single man I had as a reflection in my story characters) and grounded in the Trees love and everlasting support. I feel safer to embody my truest magicks….which feel like they have a “K” added onto them. I’ve even changed my symbol and continue to combine these parts of me into one Warrior….and this new character wants to sing! I wish to sing all the sirens and sailors home to the forest! I wish to magnet all the fallen angelic souls to me through my movement as we raise them through our own darkness.

My name is Alison Wright and I am a Raven Source Wielder with the Voice of the Seas and the Heart of The Enchanted Forest

Ok….. I’m back.

Fuck it. Let’s keep living INSIDE a Story I was consciously creating as I went about my life. Now gifted with a deeper understanding of the ego and how much of a team my character and my heart led self had to be…. I was ready to consciously weave and get honest with myself.

I LOVE Prophecy!

I love a good storyline and I wanted to continue to live out mine….

…. With all my Character fragments scattered I began realizing there was one strong narrative that LOTS of humanity was gridded up to and the BEAUTY of being consciously and energetically aware inside collective narratives, was exactly that; you could choose to ground into one.

Operation activate Nature’s Magic in Motion seemed like a legit path and the Rise of the Fallen as Warrior Angels was still looking like this could indeed be a life journey….

Sirens and Faeries! And Vampire Magicians…. And everything in between!

Sirens and Faeries were always the two strongest pathways for Raven and NG and now with them combined, my twin serpents activated and my consciousness at a level beyond care of judgement I just had to start to see if this care bear stare and rising hell from within you could really work.

Pathways seemed congruent.

I was leveraging every soul in my physical reality as a means of going deeper along this pathway and love was at the root of it. PURE NATURE”S DIVINE UNION!

Love you,


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