The Folklore….

….the folklore rose out of my very being in embodied storylines that felt a certain depth to my core. Thankfully I was very connected to my shamanic path and many Guides, Ancestral Spirits and the Trees help me purge everything in ritual and ceremony. Never researching ANY of these things and have them be woven into your own storyline was remarkable to me. Even presently, as I sit reading “Celtic Tree Magic” by Danu Forest; a birthday gift from John, my heart can hardly believe the words I’m reading about the Gods of lightening and their connection to Sacred Oak Trees; there is even a passage about how an Oak struck by lightening were considered to be touched by God and divine in their own right.

So it is amusing to me, as someone who legit knelt before one of the 7 Sacred Oak Elders in the forest I walk and weave within, a dedicated my service to them. All 7 had fallen but were still very much in charge of the forest in essence. The one I had been particularly drawn to, shaded by Hawthorn and Roses, had been stuck by lightening….or so the story states.

This was but one small coincidence along my journey. Looking back now, it makes complete sense; we are all connected to myths and legends of the past as we work towards the continuation of the dream story weave. My current position was why I decided not to package my story. Packaging it wouldn’t serve the world as I saw it anymore. Living it, that was the wayshower now. I truly believed if I could live a good story that others would also give up on the proverbial cheese we all believe we want….


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