The Book Mark….

….ok, I’m back. I’ve finally reached the spot where I left this place; this storybook wonderland and I’ve finally returned. I’m only here to turn the page. I’m not confident that anyone reading this will ever fully understand how I’m living my life, but I just didn’t care anymore. I was happy. I was feeling whole, complete and like I was finally ready to just live on the battlefield, which essentially turned out to be myself.

I’ve accepted that I will be on it for my Earthling experience and I am ready to turn the page. Things can get scary when your individual reality Dream stream explodes and you’re left having to live everything you weaved unconscious to the repercussions of your own words.

Words are spells.

I will never again underestimate the powerful magic available to one through written words coupled with full embodiment. WOW!

Every single collective narrative that was attached to my own internal storytellers mind hell was what I faced daily now. Everything I wrote inside The Story Series has happened in “reality” and it all fucking played out….every last part.


Becoming a conscious observer to your own channelling, wounds as deep as creation and the web of Collective Dream Entanglements you are lost in was humbling to say THE LEAST.

This was one of my largest Ego deaths of ALL TIME.

As a result I’m not ever sure I’ll connect deeply to my Character ever again. It is for that reason you find me here now; ready to turn the page in my own story.

I was ready to do this right! I was ready to take the reins, to blend my dark and light into the perfect expression of divine love and shine that out to humanity like the Trees always offered me. I was back! and I was feeling more and more connected to the Earth, my place within it and the Tree Elders. I was ready to be me. Whoever that ended up being in any given moment.

If this was truly a gift one could tap into and ground with the unconditional 5D vibes of the Forest then I was ready to leverage it more consciously. The first thing I needed to do was get myself out of Hamilton. That was a storyline I was confident in receiving and so I opened my heart wide and asked Spirit to help me find a safe, nature filled sacred space for me and the boys to live. I was really hoping for BC because Salt Spring Island and all of Victoria stilled called to me. I also had yet to hear from him… yes, Mark. I’ve never really referred to him by his real name, but tbh the entire story never even existed until he collided with my soul. So I was turning the page on all projected characters of his essence and allowing his real name to flow out of my fingers on the screen in typeface.

Most people, when viewing this situation in the 3D reality thought I was nuts, attached and had some unhealed dad wounding that I was playing out with him. Even Mark himself could be living in a completely different narrative than I was. I didn’t care. I loved his reflection and the part about him I enjoyed the most was how much my perception of him in regards to myself made me a better person. He inspired me to go deeper into myself and I enjoyed having him there, in the dream weave. I loved him like a Tree loves someone and that wasn’t costing me a thing. If anything what I had truly seen in him when we first met was an equal; he was building a full character and doing the inner work on his own story. I admired that as someone forging along on their own process of individuation and inner sacred union.

He inspired me to live my own story, that’s powerful.

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