Shifting Realities….

Story Series Excerpts: Dec 2020

When you choose to embody the “Fairytale” of life…the world becomes a Wonderland full of paradoxes and sycroncities that at first excite the Seeking Mind inside all of us….

…. but now I had “Arrived” in the pages of my own book.

I was no longer seeking anything. Perhaps clarity, individuation, a better, more aligned version of The Self, but otherwise, I was finally home within the moment. It’s tough letting go of past identities but the fact is, is that if you truly wanted to LIVE the Faerytale, you had to be in a place of wholeness and detachment.

The only trauma left from my 6D reality explosion was what I call my “Story Mind” which was essentially my romantic version of hell. Basically our mind patterns are running on loops or programmed narratives that circle around like clockwork and return just as the seasons do at their cycle back into our loop. Drinking a morning coffee every day is one “loop” of repetition and the “Story Mind” consisted of many romantic attachment loops.

No, these weren’t loops that I would act in…. or want to play out like someone licking their own wounding or tossing salt in it to live in despair, these loops were media’s work. These were dream, magic and fantasy loops and most paths landed me with something from Freud, Jung or Disney….

…it’s always yourself looking back at your own fears and shadow in the mirror anyways.

However, now, finally at a level of “detangling” I felt more “muggle” inside, every single human I would have an intimate connection with would essentially interlock into the Story Mind of the past. It was triggering to say the least. These blended realities persisted in overlays for months. Each time I’d focus on keeping this imaginary Star inside my cold, hollow and heartless heart and proceed to untangle any Dream Weaves that were keeping me tethered to anyone else. I would leverage that glowing starlight inside myself as a reminder of what true oneness felt like. This helped me keep a point of unconditional love that was higher in vibration to the Trees I had leaned on in the past to achieve these states of consciousness.

So essentially The Story Series “reality” overlaid over Normie 3D reality and within it contained more knowledge and magicks than I would’ve ever thought possible! You see as much as I was FORCED to continue on a truly FACE MYSELF; everything I had labelled “Darkness”, untangling myself was one of my most magical human experiences to date. I’d love to go into more detail about this and one day get to a place where I can clearly articulate that portion of my story, but for now just understand that the ONLY reason I kept going was because my 3D normie reality SUPPORTED this Alternate Reality. That was magic!

I was just awarded such a beautiful sacred viewpoint of just how much everything is truly divinely aligned and comes down to energy. We are but mirrored reflections of one another and now that my eye was so open I saw the “crooks” down here and though my ego judged that part of my own shadow…..

…..I was beginning to see just how smart they were; the ones braving the shadow walk of their own battlefield.

The Middle Earth.

My reality of being inside my own Faerytale worked because everyone else that collided with me, including my own family members were shifting alongside it; as the stars in THEIR own Faerytales!!! hahahaha! Embodiment was KEY! and shapeshifting while weaving your own dreams was my new “normal” and everyone around me was supporting that. I feel immense honour to walk the path of service that I do; where I am enough.

Earthling status:

  1. Put both feet on the ground.
  2. Claim your sovereignty.
  3. Love the shit out of yourself.
  4. Grid Nature’s Magic by being who you authentically are.

MEDIA was my new Boss Villain and I wasn’t submitting. I wasn’t about to package this magic. So many thought I was selfish, thought that I was skipping the step of grounding creativity into “reality” however, I was already part of a huge Dream Team that was forging naturally! I didn’t have to do ANYTHING other than get more self conscious and reflect love outwards. I flowed authentically through life and only took action when I was called to; by my Guides or the physical world.

I truly believe Magic doesn’t “exist” in our other senses in the 3rd dimension because we package it as fantasy, folklore and fiction. I saw Dream Weavers clearly now and if anything I wanted to gift others that power; the conscious awareness that their MIND is their biggest enemy and that what they were imagining could be real in the physical realm if only enough of us focused our action and intention towards it.


The Story Mind…..

….. just tangening off there allows me to realize how unbelievably beautiful this “curse” truly is. I’m so honoured!!!!!!

I am actually not currently able to articulate this in written word. Spoken in an interview style, no problem….but left to my own devices if you want me to elaborate you are essentially asking me to dive head first into a rabbit hole…. which is something I’m leaving in 2020.



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