Entering The Faerytale….

…what IS a “Faerytale” you may ask if you have stumbled upon this once, or perhaps more than once upon a time, but nevertheless it was not a word that held ANY definition. Google it for yourself! You may find it links to “Fairytale” but know this, as you enter the pages here; A TRUE Faerytale is not a make believe fable, nor a tale told to amuse Children but an Adventurous Quest one can choose to enter inside themselves…

So welcome my Dear Questers, into the living, breathing pages of Nature’s Divine Sacred Union; where Mother Nature herself received her “Happily Ever After” as the New Earth gridlines equalized within the Mother Earth grounding Father Earth Essence at its core. Life experienced was now a Faerytale and one only had to shift their conscious awareness to that vibrational frequency in order to experience it.

Thank you so much for being courageous enough to venture into this Enchanted Realm and my Sacred Reflection of your own Faerytale Self; where true Star Light can only be witnessed & experienced after venturing deeply through the depths of ones own subconscious….

So, what IS a Faerytale then?

It was EVERYTHING I had previously just called “Dreams”… 

I had been Dream Weaving blind before, chasing fictitious illusions led by my own Romantic Attachments, Twin Flame Narratives and Disney’s Magician Archetypal Spell-weaves, as my Innocent Denier with the Mask of a Hero entered willfully as Alice into Hollywood’s binds, like I was King of my own Wonderland…needless to say this is not a pathway I would choose to walk again, nor would I advise anyone to dive deep into Disney; it IS hell embodied on the other side.

After hacking through everything that those spells can do to a person, I was finally feeling free to write my Truth of Heart down, now that it felt more in alignment with The Faery Accord. Which was the long forgotten, broken agreement between the two original races of Earth; Humans and Fae. To suggest this wasn’t “real” after what I had seen, experienced and endlessly unravelled through would be a lie in and of itself. For I needed not to believe in it; I KNEW it to be true inside my Core Essence. The Hearts Truth comes from a Soul Resonance of deep inner knowing that one can only come to stand boldly in after life experienced. Wisdom is earned as the saying goes and I was more so humbled and honoured to be a conscious observer to my past illusionary heart desires.

However, just because this is my own Truth of Heart does not mean it is yours, so check in whenever someone else presents or projects their own truths onto you. A True Mystic can stand firmly in their own Truth of Heart, while being open and lovingly compassionate to the truths of others. I was here to tell the tale, to live the tale while embodying my Truth of Heart fully. This way others could simply follow along or experience it in whichever way it resonated for them personally.

My connection to the Enchanted Realms on the Earth was a truth I just couldn’t hide away anymore. So I have asked the Faeries, Tree Elders, Spirit Guides and the Power Animal Creatures that aide me on my own Heart Open Quest what it is they wish for me to write….

….they all wish for me to continue to write down my own Faerytale and ask only to be included within it, for they all play such a vital part of my everyday existence here as a Fae Soul embodied in a Sacred Human Vessel. I have been terrified to own these truths in the past, so much so that I even crafted something called “The Story Series” where Hollywood blinds landed me as the Phantom Master to my own Fae Mouse puppet as I completely trapped my own Self in the unconscious weavings of my subconscious desires. Now that I was finally free from that (persay), it was time for me to take off all those constructed Masks and truly BE who I felt I was and Storytelling was something I loved.

Few things give me as much joy and honour than inspiring others to fully embody and live their own Heart Truths and there were quite a lot of Fae Souls embodied on Earth at this timeline and if I could expand their Sacred Viewpoints by authentically sharing my own in service to the Fae, than that is what I shall do. I hope that my Faerytale’s inspire your connection to not only the Fae within and without you, but to that of our Dreaming Powers and how we can consciously weave these Enchanted forgotten realms right into what most Humans called “Reality” in the physical 3rd dimension.

So open your Heart vision and relax as you explore the Faerytale pages, for within them are truths that might seem like fantasy to one that has their heart closed, but we are already in the New Earth co-weaving this magical place together. So those that need to see the truth will and those that don’t won’t. It was that simple. Healing these forgotten and hidden lineages is a Quest any Grail Knight can choose for themselves and in my own experiences, it is a Quest worth venturing out on, for it leads ones joyous heart path to the real Magick on Earth, instead of on social media screens or inside our dreaming minds.

As Brain Froud, known for his extensive role in healing this forgotten part of our Earth once said:

In one sense, Faery is a land of the past, where the spirit world and the human world once worked in close harmony. In the faeries’ presence, we experience a nostalgic yearning for that time…and for all the lost hopes and all the lost dreams, all that once was or might have been, and may someday be again.

If you choose to enter into the depths of your own Heart Truth and accept the Quest for your own Grail, then you will slowly begin to SEE that all of this Earth is a Faerytale that you can actively choose to be a part of. Once chosen it will become real for you, simply because you have allow the truths to become felt in your own inner knowing. Then all the fictitious illusions of fairytales past will wash away with the false magicians that once had you believing in tomorrow, instead of living your own Faerytale Truth of Heart Journey TODAY.

I am honoured to act as a gateway for you to embody more of these truths and I wish you the best on your own Sacred Quest regardless if it is in alignment with mine or not! I truly appreciate your existence and participation as we Collectively shift into multidimensional Beings and consciously Dream Weave our New Earth together!

I would like to acknowledge that my current Fae-Tale Quest is being experienced on the Sacred Lands of the Haudenosaunee and Anishnaabeg traditional treaty territories. These Sacred Lands are protected by the “Dish With One Spoon” wampum agreement which is connected to the Crown Lands of which my own blood lineages are from. I vow to honour this treaty agreement in the Spirit of Healing & Reconciliation with my devotion to integrate the “White Church Mask” out of all that I am actively grounding with my Fae Soul Lineages on their Indigenous Land. I also wish to allow whatever Sacred Traditions and Teachings that I am gifted through my relationship with the Earth and the Indigenous Community to become infused into my own Faerie Teachings and Wisdoms.

I am honoured to surrender my Self to the Earth,